Welcome to Robert Watts' MWOY Fundraising Page!

Welcome to Robert Watts' MWOY Fundraising Page!

Mar 23, 2017

It is with great pleasure and honor to announce that I have been nominated for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Man of the Year, and have accepted this great challenge. I am humbly asking for your support to help find a cure for blood cancers – leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma – and in turn, helping to cure all other forms of cancer.

All diseases have a cure. Just because we don’t know the cure, doesn’t mean there is no treatment. Cancer is no exception. Through research we can find the cure. However, in order to do research we need funds. I am asking you to join me in helping the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) to find the cure for blood cancers and also to provide education and patient services to our communities.

I have witnessed first-hand the effects of cancer; in 1988, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease and underwent a full year of treatment at Stanford Medical Center. I took part in clinical trials that became the new protocol for treating Hodgkin’s disease.  Twenty-eight years later I am excited to say that I am alive and living out my life as a father of three children and three grandchildren.  

I am grateful for the support I received from my family and friends, as I battled through the physical and emotional challenges presented by the disease.  I am also thankful for the people at the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society, for their tireless effort at raising the funds that made finding a cure for Hodgkin’s disease possible.  This is why I am devoting my time and effort to the LLS Man and Woman of the Year ten-week campaign. Our campaign begins on Saturday, March 11 and ends on Friday, May 19. I cannot do this without your support. My ask is simple:

• Please donate NOW. Any amount helps to advance cancer research. Visit my webpage at www.WattsAssociates.org to make a tax-deductible donation. You may also send in your tax deductible donation made payable to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (340 W. Fallbrook Ave., Suite 101, Fresno CA 93711). Please reference my name in the memo.
• Share this letter with your friends, family, or anybody you know who may want to support this worthy cause.

Please be generous and help us win the WAR against blood cancers!

I am part of team working to raise as much as possible in a 10-week period. Every dollar I raise counts as one vote and the candidate who gets the most votes/raises the most money is named the Man of the Year.


Robert Watts, PsyD










Please visit my Web site often and tell friends who would also like to donate!


On behalf of blood cancer patients everywhere, thank you for your support! For more information about LLS, please visit www.lls.org

We are sorry donations are no longer being accepted for this participant for this event.

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