Welcome to Mike Nahim's MWOY Fundraising Page!

Welcome to Mike Nahim's MWOY Fundraising Page!

Apr 12, 2017

I would like to introduce you to two very special kids, Susanna Hardee & Devan Tatlow.  Susanna and Devan are both 11 years old and both have been described as courageous because they both have fought and won against pediatric Leukemia. This year, Susanna and Devan are being honored  for that courage as the 2017 Boy and Girl of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.




Last year, the five- year survival rate for children  with the most commonly diagnosed pediatric leukemia reached 90%. While this is a vast improvement over the 1964 survival statistic of only 3%, a family that is devastated by a diagnosis does not have the luxury of trusting that their child will be in the 90%. The primary purpose of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is to focus on that 10%, by investing in blood cancer research.
LLS not only advocates for issues impacting blood cancer patients on a national level, but provides support and information for patients and their families on a local level.  It is estimated that someone new is diagnosed with a blood cancer every three minutes.  To date, LLS has provided $240 Million to help eligible blood cancer patients with medical expenses through the co pay assistance program. They provide access to up to date information through their Information Resource Center, teleconferences, webinars and Support groups for the patient and their families.
This year, my face and Insight's name are participating in the LLS Man and Woman of the Year campaign to raise $100,000 in support of the work that is funded by LLS. This number is 20x the contribution that we made to this worthy cause last year.  The Insight LLS Team has 10 weeks to achieve this massive goal, but championing for a cure as a healthy men and women, with healthy families is a privilege that fate does not offer to a family, devastated by a diagnosis. As a husband and a father, I know that I would give everything that I had to find a cure to save someone that I loved. Ten weeks of hard work is but a drop in the bucket when compared to a lifetime that may be lost prematurely.

Together, we can make the most of the next 10 weeks, and make a difference in an immeasurable number of lives both now, and in the future. I hope that you will be a part of this worthy campaign.


Mike Nahim


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