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May 31, 2018

Thanks for your support of Man & Woman of the Year.  Individual fundraising pages are now closed as we prepare for Grand Finale.  If you would like to support your candidate and have it count towards their total please read carefully.


To donate online during the hours of 9am- 9pm on Thursday, May 31st, visit:  https://mwoyny18.auction-bid.org/microsite/donate-items/


Silent Auction: Our Silent Auction is now live at https://mwoyny18.auction-bid.org/microsite/  and will close at 9pm on Thursday.  Bidding will take place via smart phone.  A LLS representative will be available to help you register for your own personal bidding link so that you can bid on our great items and participate in Fund the Fight (Bids will also be accepted without a smartphone)!

Welcome to Robert Zabbia's MWOY Fundraising Page!

Apr 23, 2018

Dear Friends and Family,

Today, there aren’t many people that can say a cancer diagnosis hasn’t touched their life in some way.  The disease seems to be everywhere, especially here on Long Island.  I consider myself lucky, as I went through most of my life not knowing anyone personally affected by the disease.  My luck ran out about two years ago, when a high school friend, Terese McCarthy was diagnosed with leukemia, gave it the fight of her life, and unfortunately succumbed to the disease.  My connection to cancer grew upon hiring one of my staff; she lost her 15 year old daughter to leukemia only two years ago.  In the past year alone, two of my fellow Allstate friends and colleagues fought and lost their battle to a blood cancer.    

Amidst all the stories of loss, came a story of hope when I met my friend, Jeff Weiner.  Jeff’s daughter Megan recently marked the 6 year anniversary of being cancer free.  While in college, Megan was diagnosed with STAGE FOUR HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA.  Today, cancer is behind her, as she prepares to be married this April. 

In an effort to bring more hope to cancer patients, my friend and Megan’s father, Jeff, ran for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Man of the Year title last spring.  I was fortunate to be on his campaign team and in ten short weeks our team raised over $200,000 to help eradicate this disease.  We wanted to support hearing more success stories like Megan’s!  

I’d like to think in some ways we became a part of the cure by the good work we did.  The way cancer is treated is changing – new discoveries in precision medicine and immunotherapy are leading to breakthrough therapies for cancer patients.  Take a few short minutes to watch this video that illustrates some of the great work that LLS is doing: https://vimeo.com/54668275

The good work couldn’t stop there… Our team did great things, and Jeff and Megan nominated me to continue the legacy of what we started last year.  Wouldn’t you know that only weeks after I accept, I would learn about someone else starting their cancer journey?  A four year old boy from my daughter’s riding camp was recently diagnosed with leukemia.  I was able to introduce his family to LLS and The Michael Magro Foundation; the two organizations are supporting the family in navigating the boy’s diagnosis as well as financially supporting in the way of paying their deductibles and portions of their utility bills.

I am proud to say that I will lead an amazing group of people, who I call TEAM HELPING HANDS through organizing FUNdraising events, letter writing appeals, grassroots efforts, and soliciting sponsorships for the next ten weeks.  My goal is my team can say they supported the ‘2018 Man of the Year’.  But what is even more important, is they’ll be able to say, “I had a lot of fun while raising vital funds for cures for blood cancers.” 

My campaign will run from March 22nd until the night of the Grande Finale, May 31st.  The Finale is where the winners are announced.  Our audacious goal is to exceed over $250,000 (we’re trying to raise more than anyone else has ever done in this race).  The money we raise will support LLS’ mission of curing leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, and myeloma and to improve the quality of life for patients and their families.  It will fund research and patient care locally.

How to donate:

Donate through the PINK TIE FOUNDATION.  For every $400 or more contribution, they will DOUBLE the gift, effectively turning your $400 instantly into $800!  To take advantage of this special opportunity visit www.PinkTie1000.org and USE CODE: 5ALIVE when signing up. (see attached flyer for more info)

Naturally a donation in any amount will be gratefully appreciated!  You may make a general donation directly to LLS.  If you would prefer to send a donation via check:

·       Mail a check payable to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and use the enclosed envelope to send back.  Please be sure to put my name in the memo line. 

With sincere gratitude,


We are sorry donations are no longer being accepted for this participant for this event.

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