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Final Week of Honored Hero - Janice and Cindy

May 29, 2018


The campaign is coming to a close with 3 days left. This week, we have two Honored Heros, Janice and Cindy. Janice is my mother-in-law who has battled and beat breast cancer. Cindy is Janices' cousin. Below you will find both of their stories. Cindy is no longer with us; her testimony below is from the words of Janice Neugebauer.

Janice Neugebauer

"I always thought of myself as invincible. I’ll never be one of those women with cancer. None of my sisters or mother has had breast cancer; no maternal female relative had breast cancer. I did have a paternal aunt that died from breast cancer as well as 3 paternal cousins who have a diagnosis of breast cancer. But one evening in August 2016 I found a lump in my right breast. In disbelief I made an appointment with my primary care doctor.


I received a diagnosis of malignant advanced stage I invasive ductal/papillary cancer. I underwent a right partial mastectomy. The surgeon was able to localize the tumor, taking the tumor as well as a minimum amount of healthy uninvolved tissue as possible secondary to the advances in diagnostics and surgical interventions.


Because of advances in genetic evaluation of my tumor cells, it was discovered I was at high risk for cancer reoccurrence. So the oncologist was able to customize my treatment plan to fit my specific needs. I started chemotherapy February 2017. Again because of advances in cancer care through research, I was able to use ice packs on my hands and feet during one portion of the drug infusion to avoid the possibility of developing peripheral neuropathy so often caused by one of the chemo drugs. I understand that the use of a cold cap to be worn on the head is being evaluated for use during chemotherapy to avoid hair loss caused by the chemo drug. In May 2017 I underwent radiation therapy. With the equipment used they were able to direct the radiation beams directly to the breast tissue that surrounded the tumor and avoid any vital organs.


Now approaching the 2 year mark of my cancer diagnosis, I firmly believe I am here with an excellent potential of living a long life due to the advances made in the care and treatment of patients with a cancer diagnosis."

In the words of Janice Neugebauer



"Cindy’s story could have been different if it occurred in 2018……

Cindy was a happy child, she always made everyone smile. She was a cousin, a sister, a daughter, a friend. Cindy was born 2 days after I was; she was as close to me as any of my sisters are now. We were together as often as we could be.


Unknown to us at the time, this was all about to change. In May 1971 she returned home after attending an eighth grade class picnic outing, she was found to have strange looking blood blisters around her ankles. At the age of 14, she was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. She underwent multiple debilitating chemotherapy treatments. I remember at that time not truly understanding what was happening to her, I was just a child myself. She was so weak and tired. She had lost all of her hair and she was extremely swollen. Cindy just could not play like we used to do. I now know all about the side effects she suffered through because of the multiple chemotherapy treatments.


By April 1972, Cindy lost her battle with leukemia. She died less than a year after her initial diagnosis. It’s been 45 years since her death and I still miss her and think often about her.


I firmly believe that if Cindy was 14 in 2018 when she was diagnosed with leukemia she would probably still be alive or at least have a better chance at survival due to all the research and advances in the care and treatment of patients with leukemia."

In the words of Janice Neugebaue

The Last Hoorah

May 26, 2018

WHEN: Thursday, May 31 from 4-7pm

WHERE: Estilo Boutique & Gifts (1207 N Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, TX 78258)

WHAT: Last chance to support the Woman of the Year campaign and win great prizes! 

Estilo Boutique & Gifts is hosting our last fundraiser of the Woman of the Year Campaign! Raffle tickets can be purchased at any time starting today until Thursday, May 31st, for $20 on their website. A live drawing for the grand prize will take place Thursday.  Raffle tickets can be purchased at https://estilo-saonline.com/collections/raffle-tickets. Anyone who goes to either of their 2 locations will also be in the running to win other great giveaways. 

Melinda is the store owner who is very excited about this upcoming event. Her mother passed away from cancer. I honor of her mother's birthday being May 31st, Melinda thought this Thursday was a perfect way to honor her mother's memory. Melinda has also said that anyone who wears purple to the event on Thursday will be entered into another drawing to win an Alex & Ani gift set! 

Please join us for an evening filled with new arrivals and exclusive savings to celebrate her and the support for a great cause. For more details, Estilo Boutique & Gifts has a Facebook page with all the details explained. www.facebook.com/estilosanantonio 


Thank you Claire and Michael - Girl and Boy of the Year

May 22, 2018


Thank you Claire and Michael for your words of encouragement! The Girl and Boy of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society dropped by my house and left me a delicious cookie cake! It is perfect with the added touch of a blood drop for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Also, I wanted to thank everyone for all their support and encouragement throughout the Woman of the Year campaign. There are only 12 days left...if you want to give, now is the time!


Honored Hero Week 10 - Ella Behnke

May 21, 2018


This week, our Honored Hero is Ella Behnke. I met Ella a long time ago; back in the early 2000’s I was coaching at San Antonio Christian Schools and her older sister, Shiloh, was one of my athletes. Their family was incredibly sweet and supportive during my years as a coach.

I wanted to feature Ella as she is a survivor of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. She also ran for Student of the Year and won! Her story is below and I hope it is as much of an inspiration to you as it has been to me.

"My mission to help find a cure started when I realized that even though I survived Non-hodgkins Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, too many others are much less fortunate in their battle with cancer. My parents have been heavily involved with LLS for about 14 years now and I have seen the extraordinary progress that is being made, however, I would love to see a day that Blood cancers no longer exist and I believe that will happen. I felt it was my turn to give back to the very cause that saved my life. LLS gave me the opportunity through their Student of the Year program. The thought of helping other patients and families that are unwillingly battling cancer motivated me to get involved and raise money for blood cancer research and patient advocacy.


My friends, my friends parents, coaches, teachers, cheerleading team, my family, their friends, everyone supported this effort to make my mission to be the Student of the Year a reality by raising $334,000.00. During my campaign, I visited the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio to visit with patients and their families and help educate them on the resources available during their battle with cancer. These meetings continually reminded me of why raising this money is so vital to the success of defeating this deadly disease. I continue to mentor pediatric patients currently in treatment and I really enjoy my time with them.


Since surviving cancer, I have enjoyed playing soccer and eight years of All-Star cheerleading. I am now entering my Junior year at Alamo Heights high school and my third year of high school cheer. Life can be normal after cancer! Thank you to Dr. Estrada, my Oncologist, and the great team of doctors and nurses that delivered my life saving protocol which allowed me to have this wonderful life after cancer.


Winning Student of the Year was not really about me, it was simply an excellent way to give back and show patients and families that there is hope and most importantly that they can survive. I am humbled and amazed at the generosity shown by so many during my campaign. The awareness that was raised through the sharing of my journey with Lymphoma was also instrumental in getting people active in this campaign. Someday is today, blood cancer patients survival rates continue to rise because of generous donors, supporters and volunteers from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society that enable the researchers and doctors to continue to save lives. Good bye cancer!" 

Written by Ella Behnke

Honored Hero Week 9 - Lexi Loyola

May 16, 2018


Testimony from Shelby Birdwell

My Honored Hero this week is Alexia “Lexi” Loyola. I was impacted by this little girl’s story because she was a student in my mom’s 6th grade class this year. Lexi was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in early 2016 and after multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation, she sadly lost her battle with cancer on March 8, 2018. Lexi loved animals, hot Cheetos, cheerleading, and volunteering with special needs children, and was a strong, fearless, vibrant young girl. She had dreams of being a singer, actress, or in the medical field someday, and was a true fighter until the end. I am so thankful to be part of this campaign in supporting LLS research to put a stop a cancer!

Campaign Update

May 16, 2018


We only have 20 more days to reach $100,000! It seems completely impossible, but I am a girl who believes in the impossible! Our total this week is $37,529!

Last Week Updates:

Thursday, we had dinner at Pam’s Patio. They gave back 10% of the profits to LLS! Thank you to everyone who made it out to support my campaign!

Saturday, we had our fantastic Wine Tasting Event at Rob & Christine Martinez’s home. It was a huge success and several very happy people left with amazing raffle items. A huge shout out to Yoli & Cleo from Pro-Health Therapies, Singing Water Vineyards and Bonny Cundiff. Thank you to all who attended and donated towards the campaign!


Renee Merriweather was the proud winner of the massage from Pro-Health Therapies!

Jessica Funiestas was the winner of the Singing Water Vinyard tasting and tour for 6!

Bonny Cundiff won the wine canvas and donated it back to the campaign and will be included at the Grand Finale auction.


We are winding down the campaign with ONLY 2 WEEKS AND 4 DAYS left. We are in need of some big donations from my supporters.  I know many of you have already donated, please consider donating again and spreading the news to make this happen. Thank you for ALL your support thus far!  

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