In loving memory of Francie, our angel.

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May 19, 2018

Francie Sorem, 7/21/1952 - 1/20/2018


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This page is dedicated to Francie, who enriched the lives of all who knew her. As her oncologist, I promised to share the story of her cancer journey, written in her own words below.  Francie passed away peacefully on 1/20/2018 after a challenging series of treatments for a very aggressive form of multiple myeloma, known as plasma cell leukemia. She will always be remembered for her beautiful smile, her witty sense of humor, and her quirky personality that was as colorful as her fashion.  May her story inspire those whose lives have been touched by cancer, and may she always remind us to live each day as a gift!


My pledge to Francie, her friends, and her family:  The first $50,000 raised by team Dancers vs Cancer will be used to fund a Multiple Myeloma research portfolio in Francie’s honor. 




Francie’s Cancer Journey


Note:  All text in blue is in Francie’s own words, with minimal edits.

Text in purple is my own commentary as her physician (Dr. Hutchins).



                                                     July 26th, 2016



Today I became Cancer Girl. I have been funny girl, crazy girl, annoying girl, smart girl, and many other personas.


But today different words in the English language have significance for me. Words that end in ology. Like Hematology and Oncology. Doctor’s have become my gurus instead of comedians.


 My family and friends who have always been an important part of my life whom I have helped over hurdles for many years, now have become my keepers and protectors. I sometimes live in fear, but mostly I live in a state of questioning and curiosity. It is my fate, I may as well move on and get used to it.


I know this is as shocking for many of you as it is for me, and the story is getting a little old, so I will bring you up to speed. Then we leave behind what used to be my life and prepare for what my new one has become. Here is the synopsis.




My Gyn ordered blood tests during routine checkup. My Cholesterol was a little high, (Hey it was after Christmas, no surprise there!)


It was time for me to enter the grownup world and find a primary care physician. After all, like Mark Twain, I really did believe I was the exception to the rule that no one get’s out of here alive, reality check, game one.




Here were the results after that first blood test taken in May.

Low White Blood Count

Low Red Blood Count

Low Platelets

High Lymphocytes

Low Neutrophils

Low Absolute Neutrophil count

High Hct

Borderline Cholesterol


With these results firmly in hand, as well as a DNA testing showing a variant for Hemochromatosis and DVT, I was referred


 to a very fine Hematologist, Dr. Andrey, who would lead me through Dr. Mason and Dr. Torrey to my Team Francie Leader, Dr. Hutchins, and of course Marianne, my always go-to, middle of the night, help me I’m sick, what do I do friend.


At this same time I would meet my new sanity leader, Dr. Lundy and my spiritual Adviser, Father Dermot. Armed and dangerous, let’s do battle.


The following week brought many new names and faces, only important to my story because they started to form the skeletal network that has become all consuming to me. Team Francie.


I decided early on that only positive and resoundingly strong people needed to surround me and feed me their energy. Whether prayers, encouragement, advice, knowledge, humor, didn’t matter. Come with a vengeance or be destined to stand out in the hall with team wussies, hahaha, holding hands and singing Kumbayaa. Oh the sarcasm, it never ends.


As usual, I could depend on my Lylie to step up to the plate. He may have stubbed a toe or 2 along the way but when he got onboard, he got onboard with a love and enthusiasm, that may at times seem to be taken for granted. It is only because I need him to be all these things to me and I know he will never let me down. I am a little relentless in my selfishness, but I am sure that part will find it’s course as well.


Let’s take a slight segue here, even though I am on pain meds at 330 AM, and see what brought me ultimately to the hospital.


05/31/16 Rib pain just under left breast, starts to throb, thinking I have over stretched it at one point.


06/07/2016 Liver and spleen scan done, all appears normal


06/11/-15/2016 Trip to NYC to see kids, rib pain increases and spreads to lower ribs. Lots of walking, pain gets worse, taking Aleve and Advil for pain. Return home have rib x-ray, no breaks or cracks, but a lot of general stomach soreness.  Get some rest let’s wait and see what happens. hardly seems like much of a plan.


Then Food poisoning hits on Sunday 06/19, vomiting 13 times in 16 hours. Now I am done. Tired weak, clearly running out of gas and headed for a stay in a hospital


06/19/ thru 06/24, 2016.  Sunday morning, 06/24, I check in at Scripps Green Hospital, after alternating days of work and pain and misery. What has happened to me, where is my strength, where is my stamina?  This will be my home for a week of tests and treatments.



Meeting the enemy:


High Calcium

Low Platelets


Low Kidney Function

High Liver Enzymes



CT scans



Blood - sucking and lots of it!!!!

PICC lines



Communication errors (OUCH!!!!!)



                                                    Saturday, July 2nd, 2016


Yay, Finally I get to come home! I think it will change things a lot but it really doesn’t. All the difficult decisions are still there. I still have to call a lot of friends and clients who I have visited with over 40 years and tell them I can no longer do their hair.  Financially, of course I hope they will stay in the salon, but I understand what a huge deal changer this is for everyone. I have set up a great transitional environment where Leonor will be able to move forward with their haircare needs. But it is what it is, and I am appreciating eveyone’s patience in advance. Please be patient with Leo. Not only does she need to get the hair care thing down, but she will be providing a comfort that only one so close to me can deliver. I know this will all work out and I will try to leave as good a record as I can for the transition.


Here is what all this means to you:


I am now retired. There is no lead in, there is no “do some clients here some there.”  My life as a hair designer ends today, and I will become a smaller part of what Leonor will carry on. Doesn’t mean the Final Cut is going away, nothing further then that truth. It will now be under the capable hands of an amazing young woman named Leonor. She is so much like me, you will hardly notice. She definitely owns my sarcasm, hahahaha. I will be in the salon from time to time to oversee the changes, and help her to do all the new things that she will be taking over. I could not have left you in better hands and I know that because she will be doing my hair and my family’s hair as well. Give her the opportunity, you will not be disappointed!!!!


From here on out it is just receiving chemo and monitoring the results. I have an army of medical personnel led by a remarkable  young woman, Dr. Hutchins watching over me. She will be letting me know how the chemo is working. From time to time I will give you an update. I am a private person and keep a lot to myself. Please be patient with me, it is my way. I appreciate hearing from you, and wish I had more strength to answer you all, but my priorities are even more self-centered then they have ever been.  I have made an agreement with my caregivers to put my confidence in a certain area of treatment, and though I greatly appreciate all the advice and ideas from those around me, I have promised not to compromise results by adding in different supplements and remedies from other areas.


So we are off and running!!!! I hope to see you from time to time around the salon when I drop by to visit and harass Leonor! I will make sure she is holding her arms in the proper cutting positions and keeping you apprised on the latest and greatest in hair. I will see you and your families grow on Facebook and make fun of you like I always have, hahahaha. Thanks for the tremendous support and prayer you have all generated, it makes me stronger every day, and keeps my eye on the prize.


Love to you,





Hey Everyone,                                      July 07, 2016

Thanks for your kind words and prayers, it is so hard to get around to calling everyone.


So far I am tolerating the chemo very well, this was my second dose of the same type. All of my "numbers" are better, even though chemo knocks your platelets down a bit, in the past week they are back close to the safety zone.  But because the strain of cancer is very aggressive, I will be getting a more aggressive treatment, starting next week.


I will be on 4 cycles of chemo for 3 weeks on, then 1 week off. After the 4th cycle they will be transplanting autologous stem cells, it will probably be at least a year of follow up treatments after that.

I am only having chemo once a week since I am responding well, so that is a good thing. I have not gotten sick nor thrown up yet either - two of my biggest fears. Not worried about losing hair, can't wait to try a few short cuts, it will be fun. Retirement came a little earlier then I expected, but I definitely am going to put on my oxygen mask first and make my life a good one for me. So lucky to have Leonor ready to take over my spot, she is amazing and my sisters will be going to her too

I will be coming around the salon to visit as I get my immune system stronger, and remember, We will always be friends even if I am not doing your hair. I will probably have a happy hour every other month or so, so I can see everyone and catch up! Thanks again for your friendship and loyalty, it means the world to me.








July 14, 2016


Seems like more than a week ago, since I last wrote, my how time flies when you are having fun. Today marks a new day in my battle with Cancer. Today we are bringing out a can of "Whoop-Ass" on the enemy. It is a chemo by pill I will be taking for 14 days straight and then off for 7. I will also be taking a 2nd chemo once or 2x a week depending on what gets approved


Yes I've read all the side effects, yes I know it could kill me before it kills the cancer, what the hell, let's do it!!!  Here is the regimen. every Thursday I get to visit all my new best friends at Oncology-Hematology and try out the cocktail of the day. Here is how those Thursdays will go for the next 2 weeks... Pay attention! as many of you have learned, I do not like to repeat the story over and over...


Thursday morning, blood labs. this is a very important part for my army of "prayers" out there. This is when we see if my Blood Platelets are so decimated by the chemo, that I become a greater risk for bleeding and other horrendous things. We do not want that to happen! So, your job, if you choose to accept it, is to keep me in your thoughts and prayers every day and keep my blood alive.  Then after a couple of hours, I will check in with my General, Dr. Irene Hutchins and she will apprise me of the situation. Then on to the treatment room for a shot of chemo, then fight the traffic from La Jolla home again.


If the other chemo gets approved, then we add on Friday.  Just the cocktail, thru IV then back home. Of course the only time available is 330 so I can enjoy that traffic again on the way out. I will be taking the new chemo orally at home for 14 days on and 7 days off, for 3 cycles, for now. Then assessment.


Unfortunately, my neutrophils are still low and during this time period I am very susceptible to catching anything anyone is offering, so if I ask for no visitors it is because it is a danger to my concerted effort to keep alive. It is not because you are annoying, unless of course you are, hahahaha.


Unfortunately for all of you, so far, chemo has not adversely affected my warped sense of humor, so for now you will have to suffer through it with everybody else!


I will add to this after each chemo trip to let you know how much the new drugs affect my already lively personality. Thanks again to all for the kind words, prayers and gifts, I am buoyed tremendously by your good thoughts and wishes.


Thanks Leonor, for holding down the Final Cut Fort, no one can do for me what you can. I know it is a huge thing to ask of you, and it will be difficult, but I am already hearing such great things from many. Thanks to all my clients for "training" Leo the way you have trained me for so many years.


But most of all, thanks to my Lylie. you may think I am sarcastic with you, but you have no idea what this poor man has had to tolerate! He is my champion, and no matter how hard I try to knock him down he keeps coming back for more. Who would have thought I would be so lucky?


I realize that you may have some FAQs that I might be willing to answer, you can always try. You never know. I do appreciate the emails and texts, some days are better than others so if I don't answer please don't take it personally.


So in a nutshell, Thursdays lots of time in La Jolla, most of the day, maybe Fridays, an hour or two, rest of the week, enjoy retirement.  Could be worse, thanks to all.





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